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Indian Wedding Catering and Indian Picnic Catering


Indian wedding is known to be vibrant and colorful and also full of rituals. But it is incomplete without a wide spread of lip smacking Indian dishes. A sumptuous picnic post wedding ceremony is the most distinct feature of any Indian wedding.

Indian dishes are celebrated worldwide and there is an upsurge in its popularity in the US as both Indian communities and natives are indulging in its flavorful depths. If you are looking to organize an Indian picnic catering in your wedding then Chatkaz would be your first choice. Current this popular Quick Chain restaurant is offering catering service to customers. Indian Picnic Catering service is offered for weddings, family picnics, parties etc.

Started in the year 2007, Chatkaz Indian wedding catering brings the authentic taste of India to abroad. Their menu comprises all the signature dishes from all corners of India to offer you an incredible journey of taste. They offer you the taste of home away from home. It also serves for Indian Picnic Catering in usa.

Indian Wedding Catering and Indian Picnic Catering services are designed to bring the best tasting foods of India to your platter. Chatkaz welcome all their guests to the world of delicious cuisine which will remind you all of your favorite homemade dishes. The restaurant is also proud to declare that all the dishes of Chatkaz catering service are prepared keeping your health regime in mind. Aside from wedding or picnic you can also take advantage of their catering services for corporate events, birthday party, baby showers and other occasions.

Chatkaz plans all their Indian Wedding Catering service peacefully and eventually handles all the affairs related to organizing the function from the time the date is fixed till it gets over. The reliable and hassle free service of Chatkaz also provides beautiful and memorable presentation of food service. They also serve you the authentic and delicious dishes fused with the locally sourced superior quality ingredients and rich spices.The foods that are prepared for an Indian Wedding Catering service will come in many different styles and are prepared with main courses in mind. All the courses are prepared as a means of keeping with a proper wedding tradition. They can be prepared with many types of foods in mind and plenty of different kinds of courses. All the options vary according to the different types of wedding.

In the recent times, Chatkaz has earned their specialty in Indian Picnic Catering service. Whether you are planning a picnic for hundred or thousand of guests, be tension free as Chatkaz will provide complete catering services to make your event a successful one. In Chatkaz Indian Picnic Catering service, all the foods are freshly prepared and are eventually served hot from grill to the direct plates of the people. Mainly in the picnic parties snacks and starters occupy the major place than the main menu as the people enjoy the food while playing types of outdoor games.

Chatkaz offer their Indian Wedding Catering services with a reasonable price so that people from different sections of the society can afford the true taste of India. They also provide good quality of food in affordable prices for Indian Picnic Catering services. Ranked with a reasonable price, we also provide the Indian catering in New Jersey for the parties and gatherings, along with the dine inns and take away.

Along with Chatkaz and their other branches Chandni Chowk and Egg Dhaba provide their best hospitality and Indian catering services to all their customers. Chatkaz serve all the dishes in Indian Wedding Catering according to the taste of the guests. This is applied in case of the Indian Picnic Catering services. You can call us at 848-467-0229 and can also order online or send your feedback at Our online delivery site is quite interactive and also easy to follow so without any further delay order us online anytime between 11:30am to 10:00pm to indulge into the mouth watering Indian preparations. And get ready for an adventure to the magical world of Indian cookery.