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Punjabi Catering in NJ


Punjabi food has a special place in Indian culinary map because of its distinct taste and flavors. Punjabi food, just like the vibrant people of the province, is spicy and hot and known for thick, creamy gravy. There is a whole range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes in Punjabi catering in NJ which have been made popular worldwide by its people who are spread in every corner of the world.

New Jersey houses a large Punjabi community who brought in their distinct culture and food with them. These homesick Punjabis miss their home cooked platters and therefore the demand for authentic Punjabi cuisine is very high. It is a good news for them, as well as for lovers of Indian dishes, that Chatkaz, Indian restaurant in New Jersey, offers a complete, full-course meal of Punjabi items. The restaurant which was established in 2007 has started their Punjabi catering in NJ services for the delight of their customers. Now you can order their delicious range of dishes for wedding, picnics and parties and indulge in authentic flavor of the land of spices.

As many Indians are living away from their native land, they crave for home cooked foods as their mothers and grandmothers used to make. For them Chatkaz Punjabi catering in NJ is a must visit destination. It is a genuine effort to keep the tradition of Indian cooking alive in foreign land to allow customers to taste the best Indian delicacies. To keep the taste as close to original, the restaurant uses fresh ingredients as well as ingredients imported from India. Chatkaz, being one of the most popular Quick Chain restaurants are regarded as stalwarts in offering Indian Catering in New Jersey and had also gained reputation for their Punjabi catering in NJ.

The state of Punjab in India is a well known land of food and foodies. The foods prepared by the Punjabis are very unique in taste and usage of spices. To keep the taste of food unaltered Chatkaz uses a whole lot of Indian spices such as - black pepper, cinnamon and coriander. The restaurant aims at providing the best Punjabi catering in NJ and thus committed towards the taste and quality of food. Masala sauce is also used with several other ingredients such as tomato and garlic. Makkiki roti sarson da saag is the main signature winter food of Punjab which has a delectable effect on the people. Along with that, Chatkaz also offers a range of Punjabi Menus such as paneer bhurji, dal makhni, chole batura, bhindi Masala, kadai chicken and mutton rogan josh. Not only the main course but the Punjabis have a whole range of desserts such as lassi and gulab jamun. Quite contrary to the popular belief that Punjabi cuisine is all about non-vegetarian items a whole range of vegetarian dishes are also prepared using freshest ingredients. Different types of vegetables are used in preparing those dishes for Punjabi catering in NJ.

It’s truly great news for all the Indians in New Jersey and also for them who are interested in Indian foods because Chatkaz, Indian restaurant in New Jersey brought a whole new range of lunch special menu available everyday between 11 am to 3pm. People who are tired of their regular canteen food and also miss the taste of mom’s homemade dishes can surely opt for Chatkaz Punjabi catering in NJ. Though the Punjabi dishes are made out of range of rich spices but still Chatkaz prepare the dishes keeping in mind the health regime of their customers. You can order Punjabi catering in NJ from Chatkaz, pure ghee Punjabi food from Chandni Chowk and the egg special menus from Egg Dhaba according to your preferences. All the menus of the famous food joint are being reasonably priced which is afforded by all classes of people.

If you are planning for a surprise party and want to give your guests the Indian flavor of Punjabi catering in NJ, then contact Chatkazz for the best result. They are the best in Punjabi catering in NJ and deliver the best quality food to your home or office through online ordering. You can even order your favorite cuisine using the telephone services where you need to call at 848-467-0229 or submit your feedback or order online at in order to get the speedy delivery services and then enjoy your lunch time.